Startup’s wet dream funded by Publicis Groupe

I personally recommend “Pick up the pieces”

“Creativity is the last unfair advantage we’re legally allowed to take over our competitors?”

Bill Bernbach says it.

Mark Ritson and Peter Field prove it.

Publicis Groupe just do it.

Tony Blair calls that weapons of mass creatistruction and keeps reading.

A supersized creative juicer such as Publicis Groupe? Backs my startup brand? Never in my wildest dreams. And for the record, my wildest dreams did not include groupe related activities in 2016.

OMFG, that’s cash & marcomm! Can i have creative ideas instead of digital, please?

They mean Leo Burnett, BBH and Saatchi&Saatchi. Now that’s what i call equity funding 2021. That’s a Smart capital with a capital S. No brainer.

So, the happy ending.

Bunch of startup founders woke up from this wet wet wet midsummer night’s dream injecting up to half million € into the sheets. Plus “a mentor chosen from among Publicis Groupe’s experts in digital, marketing and communications will also support the people championing these startups.”

But first, coffee. Initial filtering included.

  • An initial filtering by one hundred digital experts from Publicis Groupe
  • Analysis by Iris Capital
  • A final selection made by a global jury comprised of leading executives
  • The Drum says that “the scheme has gained the backing of some of the network’s luminaries (such as Sapient Nitro’s European chief Nigel Vaz, not to mention Levy himself) with some of the marketing industry’s leading personalities, including SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and Orange CEO chief Pierre Louette all participating in the judging process.

For the rest 3410 losers Pornhub Premium offers free trial. Just google “pornhub premium free trial”.

So by July ’16, Groupe has got equity in 90 businesses after it did “identify very promising startups from all over the world and in all fields. This is really a starting point for them, as they will now be able to develop thanks to the support they will receive from Publicis Groupe”.

What’s not to like?

Marketing and communications account for a very large number of projects, but there are also startups in healthcare, fintech, retailing, etc. All the cutting edge technologies are represented among the final 90, from blockchains to Big Data, as well as virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IOT).

This is the moment when both partners know — their kids will be sooo good looking. Now comes hot night in Paris.

Basically Paris is not so far from Cannes and according to Bob Hoffman
“Nobody really knows what “creativity” is. Every year thousands of people take a pilgrimage to find out. This involves flying to Cannes, snorting cocaine, and having sex with smokers.”

If your description of “creativity” includes “unexpected”, then from this moment all things go “creative”. And we need help from chief creative inspector Clouseau here.

First, i want you to read bold text. Out loud. Imagine you are not typing this into email, but telling this on behalf of multibillion revenue holding. Telling live, to a real person in front of you. From The Drum:

Publicis Groupe was unable to provide a comprehensive list of the full 90 winners by time of publication, although documents seen by The Drum list the full UK quota of winners as: Cognisante; Duel; Formisimo; Future Visual; OnePulse; Parcelly; Real Life Analytics; See Fashion; and Ugogo Africa”

Was your emphasis on “unable” or “comprehensive”?

Or “Publicis Groupe was unable”?

It’s been over 4 years since that hot night in Paris. By now the list is there, somewhere. Plus, updates on startup progress. Somewhere or nowhere on google.

Dog walking app aquired for x amount of billions? After killer creative campaign parcel delivery startup aquires FedEx ? Groupe’s equity funding comes back in the shape of hard cash. Hard cash turns into stock price surge.

So let’s go to . As you can see there’s a massive success story here.

Maybe Paris and Queenstown are, like, twin cities?

First, for some reason was renamed into Also, Publicis 90 was creatively renamed “mountain scene Voice of Queenstown”. Beach party’s coming? Or that’s Mountain View California branding applied?

The success story says, that 9 months after hot night in Paris, a billionaire buys a holiday home for $24 million! It does not say though what startup he worked for. Or did he do digital or analogue marketing there.

Fun fact — according to Forbes, unlike in hot night in July ’16, that guy could buy the entire Groupe now. The price is down 30% since then. Unfair advantage…




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App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus at betchapp.LA

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