Will you miss UK casinos after they close?

That’s “Bust in Town” part. Go down or here for “Best is Town”

let’s talk about strong brands.

That’s like Tesco’s saying “47% of our shop visitors buy online too — from corner shop news agent’s webshop”

Can you spot two strong brands?

Let’s talk about a weak brand

That’s like your latest encounter with strong brands: “Now i don’t remember what airlines i went on holidays last week with. But there was only BA and SAS to choose from”

Let’s talk about Gro… what?

Weather, High rollers, Boogie… You name it.

The brand is weak and is getting weaker.

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Today’s primitive digital gambling soon will be replaced by the new reality

By the way, Brexit for Grosvenor casinos is not about continued right to residency in the UK of non-British EU nationals, which make vast majority of casino employees and never ending new hires needed. It’s about being business totally dependent on new immigrants for years. It’s about business based on unsocial hours and competing for workers in limited supply market.

Strong brand is crucial to survive in the age of coming Virtual Reality gambling apps, Retail Apocalypse and “Alexa, bet £5 on black”

Do not be casino, be THE casino.

And the good news?

I created a new brand positioning strategy for Grosvenor casinos called “Best Club in Town“. If you will find valid ideas to scale and create value for shareholders and long term strong brand growth, then save marketing budget and branding agency fee and with a fraction of that help me to fund summer term of my son’s Adas B. from year 2 at Saint Martin’s school in Bournemouth. Thank you!





App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus at betchapp.LA

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Trainee Dealer

Trainee Dealer

App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus at betchapp.LA

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