Rank as “The Best Club in Town”

winner winner
wanna bet on black?
Ask me about our values — service and teamwork

Brand, which wants to lead the industry, seems lost in fluff communicating galaxies instead of one common goal. Get down. Get local.

What’s not to like about simplicity? It seems nice and warm

So how to execute it?

The message must be short. If consumer remembers just one best thing about your brand and makes him spread that further — that’s all you want

Be fancy in-your-face leading brand
  1. Have 20 bottles of best designed gin bottles in the bar and maybe you will be the place with biggest selection outside London. Be a must visit place for a gin lovers on a travel blog.
  2. Or be a French casino. French lifestyle is well known brand in the UK and one to align with. Be the only place in town to serve snails. Be the place with 36 bottles rose wines to chose from with snails. No more calling “Call bets”. French bets only.
  3. Invest more and hire two Michellin star chefs for a year to work for a week in every casino, announcing that “for a week Grosvenor casino will be Michellin stars restaurant in town”. That’s exclusive by any means in many towns. How much exposure that will create on social media from overbooked evenings on FB?
The G team — best bartenders in town
Bring social media to casino. Let them bring casino on social media

Use every asset

  1. Finally start using radio to position the brand. Create an audio logo. Many employees and customers agree on how bad chosen and sometimes simply annoying and irritating background music is my casino at least. Make 24/7 radio stream. You can subtle promote offers depending of day of the week and time of the day. Tell jokes, bits from stand-up comedies, tell casino folklore related stories around the world. Just fill the place with ambiance and laughter. People are very willing to consume “Casino magic” related stories from dealers during live games, so why not to give them more of that?
  2. Employees badges? Why not use chosen nicknames like Picasso, Mr. Lucky, Agent 008 or Robot? Give a new story line for the customer and his/her crew! Because they already know it’s not his/her real name. Just like anywhere else.
  3. Have card magicians to tour your casinos on weekends. Stream the best of them on social media. Make their day!
Do i really want to casino in this cold weather after i have seen this post from a blogger?

Designate member of staff to make photos of customers and their loved ones using instant Polaroid camera and give pictures away to stay in their wallets. How often people experience that?

How many of your customers have printed photos from anywhere?

Still no photos? Really?!

Show them unseen things. Just 1 photo to share… #thebestclubintown

Fill reception area with toy unicorns. Use them for guests selfies. All photos and videos will go on social media.

If you really really wanna lead parade…

Be bold. Do new things. That’s what leaders do. Be elephant in the room everyone’s taking about. Be elephant in the industry everyone’s watching and be “The Best Club in Town”

Look for creative ways to claim “Gold Standard” at any possible moment. Show and tell that to clients and staff

Once you claimed it, leave as much as you can digital footprint created, shared and engaged by customers for freee




App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus at betchapp.LA

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Trainee Dealer

App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus at betchapp.LA

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