How many marketers become millionaires?

Top 1 %? Those, who are as good as Seth G. or Gary V.?

In the end it depends on your strategy. I am sure many people, including marketers, do not want to be millionaires, but in case you do these are the options:

Saving. Long and hard.

Assuming you will be able to save £/$/€ 1000 a month, it will take you over 80 years starting from zero. Assuming we can possibly live up to 150 years in the future, it is still a long way to the top if wanna rock’n’roll…

There must be a shortcut. Lottery? No. Their brand story is strange…

Shares in tech start up

According to interview on HubSpot “ a “raw, unproven person” joining in the CMO or VP of marketing role would get 1% of the company. More likely a low average is 1.5%, and a seasoned good person will get 2%. A seasoned winner, with a track record of building successful companies, is obviously going to get more equity.” Highest CMO packages can be seen in the 3.5% to 5% range.


If you think you’re the top dog then you can go from marketer to brand owner. Or co-founder. Create your own agency. Get a custom made or white label product and work your magic. Totally generic product. I think that’s the ultimate marketing exercise. That’s where added value created by great marketing exceeds effort of others involved in the business. Therefore deserves better pay. Try to launch a successful new brand of vodka, milk or bottled water. Those categories are worth billions in many countries and operate in the same fashion as tech companies — are acquired by the biggest sharks in the industry. Your 5 % could be converted into at least a million in 2 -5 years of time.

And one last thing.

I need a (performance) marketer who is worth a lot.




App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus at betchapp.LA

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Trainee Dealer

Trainee Dealer

App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus at betchapp.LA

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